Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Taste and Create: Rainbow Cake

It's Taste and Create time again. This month I was paired up with Tara from Eat, Be and See who is a woman after my own heart being a Harry Potter Fan and by having this cake on her blog that I have made for this month.

Rainbow Cake!!!! Check out Tara's (on her funky Harry Potter plate -

How could you not be excited by that?

So the recipe calls for a box of cake mix. I haven't used cake mix in ages and ages so I'm in the shop trying to figure out what might be best and I forget that plan when I spot that the Barbie cupcake mix includes pink frosting and a strawberry decorating tube so just have to buy that!!!!! It makes 12 small cupcakes worth of batter but that's fine because it'll only be me eating this cake anyways.

I loved this challenge, the smells of the cake mix reminded me of birthday parties when I was little and the white icing mix turning pink entertained me

Rainbow Cake
Source: Eat, Be and See


1 box of Green's Barbie cupcake mix
A mix of food colourings

1. Make up cake mix according to packet instructions and split into 6.
2. Mix in the colourings to the 6 cake mixes.

3. Pour the batter into the centre of your greased cake tin one colour at a time.

4. Bake according to packet instructions - however mine had to bake a little longer because I obviously didn't make the Barbie cupcakes.

A slightly thin cake but good seeing as only I will be eating it.

5. Make icing according to packet instructions.

6. Decorate cake.

7. Slice in and taste the rainbow.


  1. The colors are so vivid! My son would love this.

  2. I'm sure he would Maggie - I sure am!

  3. Wow Ruth that looks great! Definitely giving this one a go! :)

  4. Thanks Donal, hope you have as much fun making and eating this as I have!

  5. Brilliant!

    I did something similar with red and yellow colouring for two halves of a Victoria-style sponge... with stewed rhubarb and custard filling. This is the next level though ;)

  6. I really do love these colorful cakes!

  7. Ruth you rock! I am so glad you decided to do the cake, it was super fun to make and it makes me all happy inside knowing you enjoyed it!

    Im posting yours as I type!


  8. Hey Jess, sounds really good!!!!!

    Thanks That Girl!

    Hi Tara, thanks for having this cake posted, it really does put a smile on your face!

  9. Love this colourful cake!


  10. Oh ruth I just adore this cake it really is so pretty with all those colours!!

    Rosie x


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