Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Bunny Chow

Last night after dinner I said to my hubby, "We'll be having bunny chow for dinner tomorrow night." His response was, "Is there bunnies in that?!?!?!?" And I don't blame him for his surprise.... the name of this dish is misleading.

When I was in South Africa in 2003, I discovered Bunny Chow and found it to be rather yummy. Recently it just came into my mind and i thought well it's dead easy let's make it.
Bunny Chow


> unsliced loaf of white bread
> curry of your choice

1. Cut the bread into two halves and put each half on its end.
2. Scoop or cut out the soft bread from the middle of the loaf and set the filling to the side.
3. Fill each half with curry.
4. Put onto a bowl or plate (if desired) with the soft bread that was scooped out.
5. Serve immediately. Use the scooped-out bread to sop up the curry. Then eat the remaining curry with the bread it was served in. Use a spoon if needed.

You don't have to use curry as the filling, in fact you could put pretty much anything in it.... I plan to try it with bolognese or chili con carne or spanish chicken or something. However for ours tonight I used Chicken Tikka Masala and it was delicious!!!!

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