Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Cooking for the masses

On Saturday afternoon (last weekend) I met up with some of the teenagers from the church I work in and spent the afternoon cooking for about 30. The idea arose last September when I met up with a few of the young people to talk about what we were going to do in youth group, and they suggested we cook dinner for the church elders. So invites were sent out inviting them to an "UnChristmassy Christmas Dinner" and had 20 out of 31 replies saying yes, then also had to count in our young cooks for food as well.

We met up at 2pm and decided to cook 4 dishes and have it as a buffet type night. We headed off to Tesco to get all our groceries, along with party poppers and some Christmas crackers. Then we got cracking with the cooking and by 6pm had made:
  • 3 shepherds pies
  • A lot of Thai green curry and rice on the side
  • A crispy chicken bake
  • A load of bolognese with spaghetti on the side
  • Green leaf Salad
  • Fresh fruit salad (to be served with whipped cream, ice cream and meringue)
And all very well I might add. It was a huge success, my only regret is forgetting to take any pictures. I look forward to maybe doing it again sometime, mind you this Saturday I've to do lunch for about 40 kids who we'll be minding for the afternoon so parent's can get Christmas shopping done, so that might just do me for a while.

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