Saturday, 29 March 2008

Ed's Bar & Grill

Rob suggested going out for dinner last night and I jumped at the chance. We decided to try the newest restaurant in Banbridge: Ed's Bar and Grill I've held a few meetings in there with some of my volunteer youth leaders and so on but was excited to go for a proper meal and with Rob too because we usually get takeout instead of going out for food.

I was also excited because they have a great mix of a menu but not so mixed that it overwhelms you.... OK I did struggle a little to narrow down my choices to what I was actually going to have, but it gives me more reason to go back and try all the other dishes I like the sound of!

It's a fantastic atmosphere, perfect for families, parties, couples and lots more. The staff were very friendly and in fact while we were having our order taken a customer interrupted and handed our server the bill, he looked at us with that look of "I'm sorry" mixed with "What was that about?", but he was very professional and carried on with our order after that.

We were served quite quickly and everything was hot, fresh from the kitchen... in fact so hot that when I ate one of the chips I burnt my throat swallowing it meaning that today has been a struggle swallowing. But they were good chips!

I had some delicious "sweet and sticky chicken" described as marinated and seared chicken, in a sticky mild whole grain mustard and honey glaze....... how good does that sound?!?!?!?! And it was, absolutely delicious, but I would have like a little more of the marinade for some of the chicken that had none underneath... or even just for having as a dressing on the salad bed it came on.

My dear plain eating hubby had a plain burger and chips... that he says were very good, he was well happy with it.

I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff, the great atmosphere, great menu, quick service, very tasty food... however there is one thing that has bothered me each time I've been there, which I'm sure some think is an excellent idea. They have nintendo DS and mini DVD players along with a selection of games and movies for entertaining your children during the meal. It makes me sad that families can't sit down to a nice meal together without distractions or having to be entertained, but then again I'm not a parent so I shouldn't judge. But a great place to go for a meal, I highly recommend it... but if you can't get to Ed's Banbridge, check out their Lisburn branch.


  1. There is nothing plain about a burger and fries (chips). Although, that one in the pic could have used some sauteed onion, bleu cheese, and sauteed mushrooms! just saying.

    That chicken looks great though.

  2. Hi Ruth, I have missed so much and just been catching up reading all your wonderful posts!

    I have to agree with you on nintendo DS and mini DVD players when eating out!!

    Rosie x

  3. I prefer my burger with a bit more dressing like onion mushroom and cheese, maybe a little tomato too..... hmmmm getting hungry for a burger now!

    Hey Rosie!!!! Good to see you again! I really have been missing you! I'm doing your pudding tonight!

  4. sounds like you both had a lovely time Ruth. LOL re the games to entertain the children, we have places here that do that tho with a seperate games room. mine are now grown but it did have good points and bad points. wow, I'm with Mr Orph, that burger is plain ;-)

  5. Hey Dell! The whole games thing is new over here, but is being received very well! Not my cup of tea though.


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