Friday, 28 March 2008

Enjoy the Taste of Scotland

I've spent some time researching the costs of flights to and from Glasgow today because I heard about an event called "Enjoy the Taste of Scotland". It sounds like a really exciting event where lots of the local Scottish food companies and producers will share their products for sampling and there'll also be some cookery demos by some top chefs. The event is being run by Tesco and aims to showcase more than 100 suppliers of Scottish produce & food, wine and much more. It's being held on 25th-27th April at Glasgow's George Square, from what I gather the 25th is for media/journalist type people, while 26th and 27th is a free for all, and it really is free for all with no cost for admission!

The website is here but it's not live just yet. Check back later for more details.

Really hope something similar comes to Northern Ireland soon! It'll be fantastic! In the meantime i'm real excited about going to this, and if you can go, you should!


  1. I hope you have a fun time there Ruth! I like your new heading for your blog btw!

  2. Hey Priscilla!!! I'm real excited to be going. Can't wait to fill you all in when I get back. Thanks, I'm loving the new heading too... just thought it needed more colour.

  3. You could always host the Northern Ireland one.

  4. I suppose I could Kate.... now you have me thinking!


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