Sunday, 23 March 2008

Roast Beef

Today for Easter Sunday I made Roast Beef. Most people have made roast beef and i have but it's always been from pre packaged roasts, so it was fun to get a roast from the butcher and prepare it all myself.

I based this on Elise's Roast Beef, but had to make a few edits:
1. Our roast was 2.5kg so times were reduced and it was ready after 1 hr 25 mins in the oven(including the browning time which was reduced from 30 mins to 20 mins)
2. I trimmed the layer of fat off before roasting.

Thanks for this recipe Elise!!!

I even made the gravy which is a first too!!!! It was delicious, I kind of did it by eye and taste, I wish I kept a note of what I had done, but it was lovely.... just hope I can recreate it. But I used red wine and stock along with the juices from the beef and some corn flour.


  1. Happy Easter and congrats on a succulent piece of beef.

    I would have kept the fat...keeps the meat moist during roasting and you can separate the fat from the drippings before making the sauce.

  2. Ruth, that beef does look delicious. well done on making your own gravy :-)

  3. Yum! I love Roast Beef! Happy Easter, Ruth!!

  4. Happy Easter to you too Peter! I used to keep the fat in the pre packed ones but hubby complained that ti always tasted "funny", so I removed it one time and he didn't complain. It's just habit now because I know he'd push it to the side and not eat it if I left it on..... the things we do for our loved ones eh?

    Hey Dell! Thanks! I've kept as much of the gravy as I could to do something else with tonight.

    Happy Easter Katie! Roast beef is great! A fantastic and very simple meal.

  5. You make the best looking meats always!

  6. Happy Belated Easter! Your roast beef looks so delish ;o)


  7. Hey Maria, thank you!!! Happy belated Easter to you too!

  8. Happy belated Easter to you and your's Ruth!

    Great job on that roast. I do roasts all the time now. It is a Sunday staple. I even do a slow-cooker roast during the week. Put it in the crock pot before going to work, come home and have a completed dish.

  9. Hey Mr Orph!!! Thank you!!!!

    I really should invest in a crock pot sometime..... suppose I should find a space for it in the kitchen before buying it though lol.


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