Sunday, 20 April 2008

Our First Anniversary

Today Rob and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary! It's a year to the day when we stood in front of all our family and friends and became husband and wife, then went off and started cooking for them all!!!!

Only kidding, but it's one of my favourite photos from the day.

It's been a fantastic year! I've really loved being married and making a home with Rob. I'll share more tomorrow about our celebrations and what we did to mark the occasion.

Also I've been tagged again for the 6 word meme by Kimi at My plate My world. Ryan from Ryan's Recipe Blog completed his by asking his girlfriend for help so I've decided to ask my hubby for a few....


After that he gave up so the rest are from me....


I'm not going to tag anyone seeing as I've already tagged 6 people for this meme


  1. Aww Ruth you look so absolutely stunning and I love the dress. Happy Anniversary and many more to come your way!

  2. Ruth, that is a gorgeous photo of you guys! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Ruth wishing Rob and you a wonderful 1st wedding anniversay!

    Love the pics ;o)


  4. Congratulations Ruth. Love the photos, your dress is stunning, as are you! Hope you guys have a lovely day!

  5. You two make a fine couple and congrats on 1 yr. of blogging!

  6. Ruth,
    Happy Anniversary to you and Rob. I know this is a blessing for marriage, but we can all use blessings anytime, right? Maybe more after the wedding? lol

    May God be with you and bless you.
    May you see your children's children.
    May you be poor in misfortunes
    and rich in blessings.
    May you know nothing but happiness
    from this day forward.

  7. Ruth congratulations on your first wedding anniversary, wishing you & Rob every happiness. the photo's are lovely :-)

    Dell xxoo

  8. Happy Anniversary!


  9. Awe Ruth you really look stunning in your wedding dress! Happy 1st Anniversary and many more happy times to come :)

    Rosie x

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! The pics are so cute!

  11. Pixie, thank you! It's a pity I can't wear the dress again eh?

    Elle, thank you! You're so sweet!

    Maria, thanks, we had a wonderful day! I'll blog about it soon.

    Deborah, aw you make me blush! We had a fantastic day!

    Peter, I've not quite reached 1 year blogging yet but thank you anyways! Mind you it's great to have a supportive hubby!

    Toontz, thank you, what a beautiful verse! Lovely words

    Thank you Dell, you're so sweet!

    Hi V! Thank you! Have you a blog? Your profile isn't public so i can't tell.

    Thank you Rosie! I loved my dress, it's a shame I can't wear it again!

    Thanks Katie, we had a great photographer who got some fantastic photos!

  12. Hi Ruth, I don't have a blog but I am planning to create one. My name is Victoria, I moved from Turin Italy to Ireland last year and my english is not very good but I am working on this, usually my husband give me a hand with it and once I wil fell a bit more confident with english i will create my blog :)
    keep up the good work
    Bye :)

  13. Happy belated anniversary! Gorgeous picture!

  14. Hey V! Please let me know when you get your blog up and running! I can't wait to read it. Where abouts in Ireland are you?

    Thanks Deborah, I love how our photos turned out... still need to put our wedding album together though lol

  15. Congrats Ruth!

    Happy anniversary!

  16. Hi Ruth, I living to letterkenny Co. Donegal..., it's very nice...:)

  17. It really is lovely up there v, my in-laws have a house up there that they go to almost every weekend to enjoy the beautiful scenery! Keep me posted about when you start your blog!


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