Friday, 16 May 2008

Mini blogger meet up

Well last night was fun! Craig McGill who was my contact for going to Enjoy the Taste of Scotland a couple of weeks ago, emailed last week asking would I like to meet up for drinks because he'd be in NI for a day or so. He asked if I could email a few other food blogger type folk from the NI area and ask them to join in to hear more about plans for a possible NI event. Most of the replies were a 'no' due to work/family commitments, for some a weeknight just didn't suit and living a little too far from Belfast for some factored in to the decision making. However there was a couple of yeses and so plans were made to meet in the Kitchen Bar which had to be changed seeing as they were having some live entertainment so we ended up changing plans on Wednesday to meeting in Brownes on Boucher Road which was a great spot, not too noisy and we ended up having some really tasty food (battered squid, chicken goujons, cheesy garlic bread and chips for nibbles followed by chocolate fudge cake and strawberry cheesecake).

There ended up only being 3 of us due to some last minute changes of plans of other folk which was a shame but still a good meet up. There was myself, Craig and the well known and loved Grannymar. I'd never had a meet up with other bloggers so it was quite exciting for me. We spent some time chatting about local food and tastes, about some of the places to visit for foodie treats in Belfast and also a lot about blogging, which was inevitable really! But we also spent some time talking about the Scottish food event Craig was involved in organising and about the idea of a Northern Irish event. I'll be excited to see the outcome - it would be great to have an event like the Enjoy the Taste of Scotland because we can often take for granted the products that we have on our shelves. However like I said in my review of ETOS I hope that some of the food producers do some cookery demos with their food for new creative ideas of what to make with them as well as allowing people to sample them as they are (unless it's meat or something else that should really be cooked!!!!).

I'll keep you all updated with any.... erm.... updates (:-S Yes I do need to work on my sentences!) Watch this space!


  1. I think your meet up sounds cool!

  2. Did you mention to the lovely Craig that we spent have our time at the Scottish event chasing him around :-)

  3. Thanks That girl!

    Trekkie, I think i'd said it on an email a while ago. It was good to actually see him properly for a bit though instead of him running off at 100 mph!


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