Sunday, 29 June 2008

Daring Baker 5 - Postponed!!!!

Today is Daring Baker day and if you read a food blogs you're bound to have seen some of the results from other daring bakers today, however I've had a busy month and haven't been able to do the challenge yet but will be doing it in the next couple of weeks so check back soon for the results of my Danish Braid, but in the meantime check out the results of the other Daring Bakers


  1. Good luck! I look forward to seeing your Danish Braid.

  2. Hi Dana, I'm hoping to get it done very soon

  3. Dont worry Ruth...I like the resolve to do it. This was a great best one to date; & tastiest too! Bookmark the recipe for sometime sure you wil enjoy this! Cheers Deeba

  4. I'm really wanting to make it, hopefully this week or next.... but i suppose I should get this month's done first!!!!


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