Saturday, 20 September 2008


My parents, sister and her boyfriend were on holiday recently in a favourite place of ours - Gran Canaria - and they came back with a few little gifts, which included a big toblerone (which has vanished already), a bracelet for me, a photo album, some seatbelt covers for my new car and a lovely little box of saffron! The saffron made me smile because I had just used the last of mine the night before and was dreading spending a fortune on a little more, whereas this box was at least 100 times the quantity but about the same price!

I'm looking forward to trying some new recipes with this.... any suggestions or ideas anyone?


  1. Ooo that's a goldmine of saffron! Saffron rice? Arroz con Pollo?

  2. I love to make Paella. It takes a long time but it's definitely worth the effort.

  3. I love paella too, saffron is also good with potatoes (in soup, or boil fingerling potatoes in saffron infused water)

  4. You HAVE to make the risotto in my blog. I'm serious.

  5. A chicken biriyani or go to rosies place there is a wonderul vread with safron.
    I also bought safron from India this time

  6. i haven't been brave enough to make macarons yet but if you are, here is a great recipe to use your saffron


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