Thursday, 20 November 2008


I took part in Gordon Ramsey's Cookalong a few weeks ago which I was dead excited about because on the menu was Minted Peas and Watercress veloute (which I was too late tuning in to the show to make), Gordon's Classic Lasagna al Forno and Lemon & Lime Syllabub.

The night all this was happening Rob was away so the fact that I got to make lasagne was perfect because Rob hates cheese and pasta so I never get to have lasagne making this my first ever homemade lasagne. It was delicious! I added in some peppers and mushrooms for some extra veg and ended up with extra portions for freezing for myself for later.

When I went to make the syllabub I discovered I had no limes and my last lemon wasn't in great shape so I ended up making an orange syllabub which was very tasty and zesty. The gingernut worked well with the orange, but I'll definitely have to try it sometime with the lemon and lime.

I've not been able to do another cookalong just yet but hopefully next friday night - especially with steak diane on the menu!!!


  1. I love lasagne. Yours looks really good. The orange syllabub sounds lovely too. You have a very nice blog. I found it through Maria who gave your recipe for malteser tray bake.I just thought i would say hello from another N. Ireland foodie :)

  2. Rob don't know what he is missing.
    This looks so delicious.

  3. I think lasagna never photgraphs well, but your lasagna is gorgeous!

  4. Ruth I adore lasagne, its the best comfort food! Yours looks so good, as does the syllabub.


  5. Ruth I can't believe Rob doesn't like pasta or cheese! wow it all looks so good :-)


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