Saturday, 14 February 2009

Almost Anti-Valentines Post

Well it's Valentine's Day today so I hope everyone who is doing something to mark the occasion has a great time. Rob and I don't really celebrate Valentines, we are making sure to spend time together but that's because Rob is away from home Mondays to Fridays now so our time together has just fell on Valentines. This is unfortunate because we had hoped to go out for dinner together but everywhere is going to be more expensive than usual and cheesed up with Valentines stuff so we'll probably be having a take out or I may just be cooking, whatever we're doing we'll be supporting this little project as we do it:

'Turn me on, Turn it off’, asking the nation what’s green and sexy this Valentine’s. See Britain Unplugged for more details.

This is the brainchild of The Energy Saving Trust who are on a mission to turn Valentine’s Day green.

Here are a couple of thoughts from our friends at Britain Unplugged to get you in the mood:
- Add some spice to your relationship…add extra chillies to your meal and turn down the thermostat by one degree this February 14
- Pick up a cook book and turn off the TV chef to get inspired for your Valentine’s Day meal. If all couples in the UK turned off their TVs this Valentine’s Day, it would save them nearly £780,000 and almost 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

For more tips and stories see here

Happy Valentines Day and I hope you enjoy ‘Turn me on, Turn it off’ as well!


  1. That's a great project Ruth. It's amazing how much of a difference a small idea can make! Yes, spicing it up does seem the way today!!! XOXOXO

  2. We usually go out to eat for Valentine's Day, you just have to play it smart. We usual go some place close to home and make sure they're not doing a different menu. We used to go to a chain that didn't accept reservations so we knew we'd be able to get a last minute seat.

  3. Thats really a nice thought Ruth and I strongly support such causes. :))


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