Saturday, 15 August 2009

Northern Irish Food News

Today saw the first ever Cupcake Camp NI at the Blick Studios in Belfast, actually in Europe even!!!! I had hoped to be there with some cupcakes but got a little busy with work and had to bail out.

I'm looking forward to hearing how it all worked out and hope I can join in next summer!

Also, Sainsburys have been in touch asking for a little plug and seeing as I'm a Sainsburys fan I thought I may just pass it on.
They're running a campaign called GR'EAT BRITAIN' ON A PLATE to encourage people who are planning a holiday at home to try out more local food. Check out the press release here

Finally, you may remember that I was at the Enjoy a Taste of Scotland event in April 08, well it turns out that now there will be a Northern Irish event too! Tesco's are hosting "Taste Northern Ireland" in Belfast on 11th and 12th September in Custom House Square with free entrance to the public. This event aims to "showcase and celebrate the fantastic breadth and quality of Northern Ireland’s produce to a wider audience." There will be lots of local exhibitors, a celebrity cookery theatre, kids cookery and more. I'll keep you posted with any other details I receive!

That's all for now, but I'll be back soon with another recipe.


  1. Hi Ruth, seems ages since I last visited. I agree with buying local produce too :0)

  2. I wonder if I could get them to fly me over?????


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