Saturday 13 September 2008

Monthly Mingle - Sensational Sides

Meeta from What's for lunch, Honey? holds a great monthly foodie event called the Monthly Mingle with a theme each month. Past themes have included one dish dinners, Spring Fruit Sensations, Bollywood Cooking and Appetizers & Hors D'oeuvres to name just a few.

This month I'm helping Meeta out by hosting the Monthly Mingle. Side dishes are so often neglected in our house, and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that, which is why I've decided that the theme for this month's mingle is Sensational Sides the idea being that whoever wants to take part makes a great side dish using whatever ingredients you like and send it in for the round up.

Here’s how it works:

Create a dish that fits the theme of “Sensational Sides” as described above
Post about it on your blog (entries must be in English, please) and include a link back to here and Meeta's blog
Link to this post and send the details to me at ruth.e.babes[AT]gmail[DOT]com anytime from now until 13 October with “Sensational Sides” in the subject line with the following information:

your name
the name of your blog
the name of your dish and a link to the relevant post
a copy of the main photo of your dish 200px wide (and compressed so that it is below 1MB!)

Hope you can take part!!!!


  1. YAHH! this ons going to be a lot of fun - not to mention useful- Especially as thanksgiving and christmas is around the corner and many will be looking for sensational sides to serve!

  2. ooo cant wait for the round up!

  3. I am wondering what I should send in - will it be accepted as sensational?? Not too sure:(!!

  4. I love this Ruth, I think will be so nice ,xGloria

  5. Can you be a bit more specific about the entries,like what fits and what nots?are dips/salads acceptable?

  6. just sent my entry..hopw u got it

  7. I'll have to put my thinking cap on for this one.

  8. Count me in. I have a perfect side dish for the event.

  9. Lovely idea Ruth! got to know about this event just now..:) will try to send sumthing for you.


  10. hi ruth! i've been trying to send you a few emails but i am not sure if you are getting them. I was wondering if you could send me the links to the entries so i can comment on them. thanks!

  11. I hope my side dish is sensational to make it to Oct's MM.

    Pick it up from here for the same reason that my email may land itself in SPAM land!

  12. Hi
    I just sent in my entry. Check your mail.


    PS: excuse my ignorance.. but I cannot understand what identity I should use when I am posting my comments.. My have my own site, & not in blog spot....

  13. Just sent in mine - is it in till the clock strikes 12 on 13th??


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