Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Starting out....

I added the following post to my ruth E babes blog recently:

I love the thought of being a good creative cook quite naturally. I'd love to be able to make all sorts of things using the bare ingredients. I'd also love to be given 5 ingredients and then come up with lots of different ideas of what to do with it all.

I do experiment in the kitchen a little but I'd really love to be more adventurous and unafraid of the results.

My husband can be quite picky about food which reduces the options on what i can cook.... no veg, no cheese, no pasta, no noodles... etc etc etc

However I'd still love to be able to cook without relying on a jar of sauce.

So the thought is that by starting and trying to keep this blog regular that I'll experiment a bit more and try new things.

This week cooking will include a lot of mince/ground beef as I bought a lot during my weekly shop. Recipes will include bolognese, chilli, cottage pie....... most of which will be cooked then frozen for future meals. Will also cook some sweet and sour chicken at some point too.

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  1. tip for leftover rice - if you've got some rice leftover from the previous nights dinner, you can stick it in a frying pan, crack in a couple of eggs and some of your fave herbs (or a chinese oxo cube if you wanna be lazy!). you can throw in some veg - if you can convince rob to eat it!



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