Friday, 21 September 2007

Monthly review 1

This blog started 1 month ago today and I think I may just do a wee review of the site stats each month for anyone who is interested like I do on my regular blog

For those who are interested here are some of the stats (obtained via Google Analytics) from the last month concerning this blog:

1. There have been 271 visits.

a) 232 of those have come via referring sites including, ruthEbabes, The Nest Boards, geekypants, Hello there blog, the cooking fiend in "Smells like home" and Alan in Belfast
b) 20 of those visits are direct traffic
c) 19 of those visits are from search engines
2. Google searches (unless stated otherwise) that have brought people to this site are:
a) "cottage pie" reheating
b) add ingredients to come up with recipes
c) bunny chow ingredients
d) chicken egg masala
e) cottage pie ready steady cook
f) egg tikka
g) eggs cooking 1 hour
h) indian chicken tikka masala recipe
i) indian cooking brown mince
j) minced beef egg
k) orange chicken skewers
l) ready in 30 min dinner chicken drumsticks
m) recipy for curry in bunny chow
n) reheat cottage pie
o) sainsburys basics curry sauce
p) spaghetti carbonara double cream
q) spaghetti carbonara serves 2
r) tikka masala steak
s) what do you serve with cottage pie

3. 179 visits came from the UK
84 visits came from the USA
2 visits came from South Africa
1 visit came from Ireland
1 visit came from Pakistan
1 visit came from Spain
1 visit came from Brazil
1 visit came from Canada
1 visit came from Australia

I find all this quite interesting as to how people have come to find my blog or how many people are looking at it etc

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