Friday, 25 January 2008


I looooooove fifteens. I didn't really start loving them until I was about 17 or 18. I was buying some dessicated coconut for another recipe and decided I just had to make some of these too!

There's really not much to these by way of ingredients or work, in fact this is a fantastic recipe for cooking with little kids (which I've done before). And they taste fantastic. I divided the biscuit and marshmallow mix in half to make a batch for Rob without the cherries and coconut, but the recipe should be as it is here:


Make 20-24 small biscuits


15 Digestive biscuits (like Graham crackers)
15 glacé cherries
15 marshmallows (best with the big pink and whites, the little ones don't work as well for this recipe)
2/3 cup condensed milk
1/2 cup dessicated coconut

1. Place the biscuits in a large ziplock bag and smash into fine crumbs.
2. Mix the biscuit crumbs, cherries and marshmallows in a bowl.
3. Slowly mix in the condensed milk until the mix all comes together into a ball.
4. Roll into a sausage shape (or 2 if it's easier) about 2" thick.
5. Spread the coconut over a counter of board and roll the "sausage" over it until it's covered.
6. Wrap in a double layer of cling film and refridgerate for 2-3 hours to help it set.
7. Unwrap and slice into biscuits.

Love it!!!!


  1. These look really great ruthe! I bet they didn't last long in your house did they? I love every ingredient they are totally yum!

  2. They really didn't last long, and I'm already planning my second bacth! Yummmmmmm

  3. Hi Ruth
    I googled 15's and found your blog, thank you.
    My mum is from the Ballykeel Northern Ireland and I visited every year when I was growing up to see the family. I have fond memories of the little cakes all my aunts used to make and vaguely remember 13s or 15s?? I would love to hear of any other cakes which I have forgotten about which you may know of. I love your rain bow cake and will defo put you in my favourites.
    Love Alison

  4. I really love fifteens, i was looking everywhere for a recipe but there were none all over the internet and no one i know, knew how to make them !!
    thanks a lot !!
    its a bit weird because today i just turned on the laptop and looked it up and your recipe came up !! and your only from Dromore !! im from Omagh !!!


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