Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Irish Blog Awards - yeo!

The short lists have been announced for the Irish Blog Awards and I've made it through to the food and drink shortlist! How cool eh?!?!?! I can't believe it! It's given me a big smile for the day.

Congrats to all the other shortlisters! Hopefully I'll be meeting you at the awards in Dublin.

I've also got the use of my computer back so I'll be adding the pics for my Valentine's "ice cream cake" later today or early tomorrow. As well as that adding the recipe I made last night for dinner: Indian Style Cottage Pie. yummmmmmmm

Addition: The shortlist is comprised of 11, whittled down from the 15 on the longlist:
  • Little bird eats…

  • Eat Drink Live

  • iFoods Blog

  • English Mum in Ireland

  • The Humble Housewife

  • Italian Foodies

  • Sour Grapes

  • Just add eggs

  • Well done fillet

  • Val’s Kitchen

  • Martin Dwyer

    1. Ruth thats fabulous! congratulations & good luck :-)

      Dell xo

    2. This is so exciting!!!!! How short is this shortlist? Will you forget us all when you get famous?

    3. Thanks Dell! It's so exciting to make it through.

      Kate, I just added those details into the post for you. And of course I won't forget you! (I need to steal recipes off you ;oD)

    4. Ruth congratulations and good luck ;o)


    5. Well done you deserve it! Was just checking out the competition there and ya have me worried! First time here but i'll be reading from now on!

    6. Good job! You are in great company I see :)

    7. Congratulations! It's all very exciting, isn't it?

      Will be going along to the big night, so would be lovely to meet you :-)

    8. Thank you Maria. I feel all blushy now with all this praise.

      Private chef, you're worried about me?!?!? Your blog is fantastic! Look forward to meeting you at the awards.

      Thank you Maryann, I sure am! I feel all intimidated but such an honour to be included in this list.

      Thank you Jen, it really is extremely exciting. It's quite unbelievable to be included in the shortlist with such incredible food bloggers! But hey it'll be great to meet you on the night.

    9. Well done you! I'm with the private chef - worrying competition you are! How exciting is this? Never been nominated for anything before.x

    10. I am SO thrilled for you and how exciting!! Wishing you all the luck in the world!! :D

      Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day Ruth & Rob!

      I would like to present you both on this Valentines Day a Red Rose

      Rosie x

    11. English mum, neither have i. Its such an honour to be included! I really didn't expect to be.

      Thanks Rosie. Hope you had a great Valentines too.

      Thank you Mrs Presley


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