Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Valentine's prep

Rob and I have never celebrated Valentines: we just don't see the need and just think its a commercial thing. Well I decided that i really wanted to take the opportunity this year to wind up Rob and have fun making something new. I'm not too worried about posting it here seeing as our power cable for our macs died leaving us without use of our computers. As well as that Rob doesn't read this blog anyway.

I had spotted a pair of heart shaped food rings when I was getting our groceries and couldn't resist buying them. As I was getting the rest of my shopping I was planning what I was going to do with them. And here it is:

Heart shaped Cheese Ice-cream cake


2oz crushed digestives (or Graham crackers)
1oz butter
1 litre vanilla ice cream
3 small merigue nests, crushed
5 crunchie bars, crushed (Cadbury)

1. Melt the butter in a small pot then mix in the biscuits.
2. Heat the oven to 145 degrees C. Set the rings in a baking tray and press the biscuit/butter mix into the rings. Bake for 10 minutes then leave to cool.
3. Defrost the ice cream a little.
4. Mix the crushed merigue and almost all of the crushed crunchie into the ice cream.
5. Top off the heart rings with the ice cream mix then keep in the freezer to set then remove from freezer 15 minutes before serving. Remove rings and top with leftover crunchie to serve.

I can't wait to eat this now! I'll add the final picture of it being served on the 14th.

I've submitted this in the Heart for your Valentine event seeing as it's an edible heart. You can see all the other edible hearts here.


  1. Ruth that sounds wonderful, can't wait to see the pics :-)

    Dell xo

  2. We always celebrate Valentine's day. Of course, we also always say "I love you" at the end of every conversation. And we call each other 3 times a day.......

  3. Awe Ruth it sounds perfect for V. Day and wishing you both a Happy Valentines :)

    Your cake really does sound lovely for this occasion!

    Rosie x

  4. Hey Dell. I'll get the pictures up either today or tomorrow, they look fab just hiding at the back of the freezer.

    Hi Kate, We're the same, telling each other "i love you" al the time, phoning or texting all the time. It makes me laugh sometimes how much I've changed since I met Rob.

    Rosie, Rob will love this: he's a big ice cream and crunchie fan so it'll be fantastic!

    Happy Valentines Day to you all!

  5. Right now the sun is shinning here, and I would try a piece of your fantastic cake.

    Thank you for your participation and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  6. Thanks Zorra, we had a great day.

  7. These are so cute! I love ice cream cakes - now in shapes :) Your blog is great!

  8. Hey Jade, thank you! The fact that they're heart shaped just seem to make them tastier right? Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your tartlets!


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