Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Blog events

I've been taking part in a few blog events recently and in fact most of my upcoming recipes will be for blog events too. I thought I'd share a list of some that are out there (that I know about) at the minute in case anyone is interested in getting involved themselves.

Royal Foodie Joust - Deadline 1st of each month
Tuesdays with Dorie - Every Tuesday
International women's day - cook something yellow - Deadline 8th March
Monthly Mingle -One Dish Dinners - Deadline 10th March
Homegrown Gourmet - Breakfast - 13th March
Pi Day - Deadline 14th March
Food for Plastic - a taste of spring (or fall) - 14th March
Cupcakes Spectacular - Deadline 15th March
Root Source Challenge - Maple syrup - Deadline 18th March
The Heart of the Matter - Deadline 19th March
Art you can eat - egg shaped - Deadline 19th March
Apples and Thyme - Deadline 20th of each month
No croutons required... - Dealine 20th of each month
Blog Party - Pizza - Deadline 20th March
Novel Food - Deadline 22nd March
Festa Italiana - March 22nd
Great British Pudding Challenge - Canary Pudding - Last day of the month
Master Baker - Deadline end of each month
Daring Bakers - Last day of the month
Spring Funny Cuppy - 18th April
Livestrong day - cook something yellow - 19th April


  1. What a nice thing to do- helping us organize all these wonderful events! Thanks for including us. We appreciate it very much :)

  2. I can just imagine all the "wonderful" things you will be making with all these events! Can't wait to see them! *smile*

  3. have you seen this blog? it includes a lot of the blogging events out there! :)


  4. Really nice to know about all these events.
    Now i just have to come here to know what all events are going one.

  5. Wow! I can't believe there's so much stuff going on! Well done for your bloggie nomination. Did you get to see Kieran in his chef's whites? xx

  6. Hey Maryann! You're very welcome! I've decided what I'm going to do for your event now! Just have to get it done!

    Hi Priscilla, I'll not be doing them all but have ideas of what all I want to do, mind you I decided this morning to take part in another one!

    Hey Jaime, I haven't seen that blog before how cool and very handy!

    Hi Happy Cook, you're very welcome! Can't wait to see what all you're taking part in!

    Hi English Mum! I know! And i'm sure i'm just scratching the surface of the food blog events. As for the blog awards, I sure did see Kieran, he looked well! Would have loved to have met you! Maybe someday though

  7. Hi Ruth, thank you for including my event in your list. I can't wait to see what you cook to celebrate the upcoming of spring. I am ready for milder weather after this long and cold winter.


  8. Thank you for including Tuesdays with Dorie in your list! I hope you do particpate!

  9. Hi Ben! I'm not sure what I'm doing for your event just yet, but the brain is working on it!

    No problem Slush. I'd love to get involved but not sure I could commit to every week.

  10. There are so many events to catch up with...stickydate.blogspot (as I've seen listed!) is a really helpful way of keeping track!

  11. Hey Pixie, you're right! I've bookmarked that site now. Thanks


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