Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Pampered chef evening

Last night at church we had a Pampered Chef evening hosted by our Young Women's Group to raise funds for the various charities they support. I was only able to call in for a little while what with being on the radio on Tuesday evenings, but really enjoyed it, she made some great food and showed some of the great products they have.

With what little funds I have at the minute and also thinking it'll save me lots of time when I am baking and cooking, I bought an "egg separator". Can't wait until it arrives: I'll have to make loads of meringues and the like!

If ever you get the chance to either go to or host a Pampered Chef event, I would really recommend it. If anyone wants a contact please email me ruth.e.babes at gmail dot com.

Picture sourced from Pampered Chef website


  1. CUTE! What a good idea! PC is full of fun little gadgets!

  2. Always great to support a good cause Ruth and I love your little egg separator- really cute :D

    Rosie x

  3. Great buy and the money goes to a good cause.


  4. So true Katie! Can't wait to get my hands on some other PC gadgets!

    You're right Rosie! We raised over £100 from this event for the causes!

    Thanks Maria! I can't wait to get using it!

  5. I am SO jealous Ruth. What I'man hour or two away but can't get Pampered Chef. The tragedy and duality! I've been on their list since I moved here three years ago if they start business in the republic! Love their stuff, have a lot of the stoneware and it's brilliant!

    Glad you raised some money and had some fun!

  6. I was so tempted to get some stoneware too.... it's next on my wishlist. If ever I become a pampered chef I'll come to you Deborah!


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