Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Go ahead....make my day

Jaime over at Good eats n sweet treats has made me smile and give me a warm fuzzy feeling by giving me a "You make my day" award. I'm all blushful now!

I'm supposed to pick 10 people to pass this on to but I've got 12 on my list:
1. Cake Spy - Loving the most recent post Interview with a Cadbury Creme Egg
2. Rosie from Rosie bakes a peace of cake
3. Dell from Cooking and the City
4. Pixie in You say Tomahto, I say Tomayto
5. Meeta in What's for lunch honey?
6. Maria from The Goddess's kitchen
7. Happy Cook from My kitchen treasures
8. Deborah from Taste and Tell
9. Kate in Paved with good intentions (I know she's already received this several times already but she deserves it again!)
10. Jeena from Jeena's kitchen
11. Katie in Good things catered
12. Priscilla in Priscilla bakes


  1. You are too nice!! Thank you!

  2. The blogging community is such sunshine and puppies!

  3. Ruth your such a sweetie. Thanks so much :o)


  4. Thank you so much!! You are so sweet! Your blog totally makes my day too. My Irish bloggin sista! :P

  5. Ruth thank you sweetie, I really appreciate it :-)

    Dell :) xxoo

  6. Thank you so very much--this made MY day!!

  7. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW you thought about me.
    Thankyou I am so HAPPY.
    I am always when i revieve something like this.
    Thnaks again

  8. Thank you Ruth, that was very kind of you. I shall happily display it. :)

  9. Deborah, Kate, Maria, Katie, Dell, Cakespy, Happy Cook and Pixie, you are all very welcome!
    Thank you all again for being people who continue to make my days great.

  10. happy to bring a smile to your face :)

  11. Thank you Ruthe it was a lovely thought to give me this. :-)

  12. Awe Ruth what a lovely surprise you have made my day :D It is wonderful to be back blogging after my recent illness.

    Thank you So much you really are such a treasure!

    Hugs Rosie x

  13. You're very welcome Rosie! I'm so happy you're back! I was missing you.


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