Sunday, 11 May 2008

Foodie packages

On Wednesday this week I came home to a few packages that had been delivered and I was very excited! Generally I'm quite excited about any package - like a kid at Christmas or something.

The first was a package from Oleifera who I had met at Enjoy the Taste of Scotland a few weeks ago. I was so excited, I had given them my address to have a sample bottle sent out to me and I was surprised that they had sent it and also that they'd sent such a large bottle!!!!

It's rapeseed oil that has half the saturated fat that olive oil has, can help to lower cholesterol, has your essential omega 3 and omega 6, and even has a high smoke point. I'm really looking forward to getting to use this in a few recipes - and then blog about it ;-)

The second package was something I had ordered on Ebay after seeing Megan from Megan's Cookin had ordered some herself. I ordered 60 vanilla pods for £12 with free P&P! Bargain seeing as it's £2.50 for 2 at my supermarket!

Stewie couldn't resist sneaking into photos again.... silly pup.

Anyways I can't wait to get using all this now!!! I'll have to come up with some exciting recipes for these ingredients!


  1. lucky u! what will u come up with those ingrediants?

  2. You're going to have so much fun with those vanilla beans!

  3. You know, I was wondering if you'd ever receive that bottle - seeing as I finished mine yesterday!!!! I found that it had a slightly 'fishy' smell, but I used it to fry and to put into cakes and it really worked well. Be interested to see what you do with it.

  4. Hey Daphne! I have a blog post sitting waiting to be published to show how I've used some vanilla already, and so far have used the oil a little in cooking but nothing remarkable - just for mushrooms and steak lol.

    That Girl! I sure am! I've a whole load of recipes bookmarked for vanilla pods!

    Hey Trekkie! I was wondering the same and like i said I was surprised that it turned up! So far I've just used it in frying a little but looking to make a pesto or something.

  5. Hi Ruth, I'm so glad you got a bargain on those vanilla beans. I made vanilla bean scones for Mother's day and reused the pod in my vanilla sugar. Don't you just love having a bouquet of pods?

  6. oh those vanilla pods are amazing, im jealous they are quite expensive here in france :-) cant wait to see your upcoming recipes concocted from these foodie packages

  7. Ruth you lucky lucky girl!!

    You have an award waiting for you on my blog ;o)


  8. Oh, what great things to get in the mail! I looked at the vanilla beans, too--great deals!

  9. Oh how lovely Ruth you really will have fun with those vanilla pods :)

    Rosie x

  10. Hi Megan. It's just so much fun! I loved opening the packet and having the smell fill the room! Might make some scones now!

    Hey Dhanggit. Maybe you should check out Ebay too? I'm looking forward to what I'll be making too!

    Thanks Maria!!! I'll check out that award! Thank you!

    Hi Elle - it's always fun to get a bargain!

    Hi Rosie, I'm sure I will. Need to get to work using them now.


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