Friday, 27 June 2008

Triple Dog Dare! (Sharon Fruit)

Tootnz over at Okara Mountain has triple dog dared us to try something new this month the theme was fruit so I went off and had a good look round the fruit in my grocery store and spotted something I pass by all the time and never consider buying or trying.... until now cos I have been triple dog dared after all!

The Sharon Fruit!

I really didn't know what to expect from this fruit... whether it was going to be really sweet or tart or what, but I sliced in, took a bite into the fleshy fruit and spat it out again... really not my kind of fruit. I can't even remember what the taste is similar to , i just remember not liking it, but I'm glad I tried it to know instead of assuming i didn't like it. Thanks toontz!


  1. Ruth, this is a persimmon (one of the two kinds) and yes, they are delish!

  2. Thanks Peter! I'm learning new things all the time! I'm still not fond of it myself lol

  3. hmmm interesting, I've never heard of it before but I'll keep my eyes open next time I am at the grocery store. Do you know where it is native of?

  4. I always see these at the grocery store and know what they are but have no clue, zero, nada - what to do with them. I suspect they must change from tart to sweet when they're baked/cooked/

  5. I have no idea where it's from sorry Ben!

    Hey Giz, i've no idea about how they taste when they're baked.... not sure I ever will seeing as I wasn't fond on how they tasted as they were.. Hope you give it a go though


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