Thursday, 5 June 2008

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting

Rachel over at Coconut and lime recently celebrated a few milestones... 4 years in blogging and 700 posts!!!! As part of the celebration she set up an event for people to make one of her recipes and enter it to win a prize (which is yet to be decided).

I read through her blog loads and finally... on the last day of submission..... I decide what to make and made it. I actually used 2 recipes for this: vanilla cupcakes that I topped with chocolate fudge frosting. Really yummy and lots of fun to make!

Congratulations Rachel on your blogoversary and 700 posts! You're a great role model to food bloggers!


  1. Ruth, those look great! Just like the kind of cupcakes I always want to have. yum!

  2. These look absolutely gorgeous Ruth! looking this delicious I bet they tasted yum too ;-)

  3. Ruthie, these look for kids or for bringing to the share at work...good on ya!

  4. I love cupecakes.
    These looks delicious. And with the frosting it is superb

  5. Elle, thank you! You're so sweet

    Hey Dell, they sure do taste good

    Hi Peter, perfect for everyone!!!

    Hey Happy Cook, frosting just adds more yumminess to it

  6. Frosting cupcakes is always such a chore - yours look great!

  7. Ruth I love your vanilla cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting!! DELISH!


  8. Mmmm. I will never get too old for vanilla cupcakes, chocolate icing and sprinkles. Wish I had one right now for breakfast with my coffee!

  9. Thanks That Girl. It's a chore but often well worth it.

    Thanks Maria... you can't beat chocolate.

    Hi toontz, it's impossible to get too old for a treat like this!

  10. WOW Ruth these look gorgeous!!

    Rosie x


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