Saturday, 19 July 2008

Good Natured Fruit

It seems like I refer back to my visit to Enjoy the Taste of Scotland quite a bit but I can't help referring to it once more because a couple of weeks ago I spotted something I tasted there and had remembered enjoying them very much. Good Natured Fruit is now sold in Northern Ireland!!!! I've been buying the strawberries and raspberries and absolutely loving the taste of them - so much better than the other varieties of strawberries and raspberries in the shop. The strawberries are beautifully sweet, juicy and plump and the raspberries have been used in some incredibly delicious muffins for me to have for breakfast.

If you're able to get your hands on these please do!!! Good natured fruit aims to work in harmony with nature to grow berries that are pesticide free using natural predators (like ladybirds) to get rid of greenflies. You should check out thier website for more details while I get on with munching these strawberries!


  1. So is this just regular fruit, but pesticide free? There's no added anything?

  2. How cool! I love your blog :)

  3. Hi Ruth! (waving) lol

  4. Those strawberries were amongst the biggest draws at Enjoy the Taste of Scotland - and considering they were across from an ice cream stand, that takes some doing in Glasgow!

  5. They had some of the raspberries at Taste London actually, doing a promo stand, I tasted them and they were pretty good!

  6. Ohhh, I'll have to look out for them.They look yummy :)

  7. Hey That Girl. Just regular fruit but pesticide free.

    Thanks Katie!

    Hi Maryann.

    Hey Scribblercraig, i understand why, they were so juicy and delicious even at that time of year!!!

    I'm glad you've had some too Ryan, they are something special!

    You really will Sio. Or I'll have to make sure we have some for Saturday when you're over!


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