Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Yeung's Chinese Curry Mix

If you've been reading this blog for a couple of months now you'll know that I was at Enjoy the Taste of Scotland at the end of April and got given lots of goodies! I've finally got round to using something else I received that day: Yeung's chinese curry mix. I wasn't too keen on the look of it and prefer making my own curry sauce from scratch anyways but I had a go at it to see and save it going to waste. Before reading the instructions on how to make the sauce I had decided to make chicken curry and add peas and onion, then I looked at the instructions and found they recommended adding peas and onion for chicken curry! So that's what I did - made up the sauce with the chicken, peas and onion, served it with rice and ate. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive while making this because when I mixed the curry mix with the water before adding to the chicken etc it was really rather lumpy and not at all appetising to look at, however when it was left to simmer for a few minutes it came out good. I think marks out of 10 for this product would be about a 7 because although it tasted good and was easy to throw together I don't think it was as tasty as my usual home made chicken curry sauce, but very handy if ever you're in a big rush for dinner!


  1. wow, that looks wonderful! curry chicken is always good, although sometimes it can get spicy.

  2. But see - it's like the Trader Joes simmer sauces, great for quick weeknight meals!

  3. Still looks pretty good for not much work! yum!

  4. I prefer milder curries myself Priscilla... just don't get to taste much if it's too hot!

    That Girl, you're so right! It's great to have things like this on hand for rushed meals.

    Hey Elle, thank you!

  5. There is nothing at all wrong with a quick throw-together.

    I always check the ingredients of pre-made food-stuff to make sure I agree with all of it.

    This sounds like it was pretty good though.

    We can't allow ourselves to be food "snobs" can we? :-)

    Home cooked with a shortcut != fast food!

  6. Looks good Ruth, sometimes its nice to take a little short cut ;-)

  7. i love curries of all kinds..i think i have tasted all types but never a chinese version..hmmm im so tempted..:-)

  8. No of course we can't be food snobs, Mr Orph, just think I prefer my own homemade version.

    Hey Dell, shortcuts can be very handy

    Hi Dhanggit, you should try a chinese version sometime.

  9. it looks delicious but nothing beats homemade of course!

  10. I like yeung's but only have it as a treat, because it's not that good for you (palm oil and what flour being the main ingredients). Like you, I make my own curries (Indian), but this is a nioe mix flavour wise for a change.


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