Sunday, 6 July 2008

Deeba's Pound Cake

Sorry everyone this was set to post itself on Sunday but apparently never did so here it is now!

Hey everyone!!! I'm back! Well I've been back from Summer Madness since Tuesday afternoon, but Rob and I have been busy little bees clearing out some stuff in the house, getting new furniture built and so on, and are now expecting a painter to be here tomorrow to give the place a face lift so cooking has been staples for the past week but have made my bookmarked recipe to share with you. Last week I made a recipe by Deeba, the Passionate Baker and this week is another recipe by Deeba: Versatile Pound Cake. Deeba's looks beautiful, mine looks nice too but not as inviting, and also Deeba used chocolate ganache, I used what I thought was chocolate ganache until I realised half way through baking that it was actually chocolate frosting, but it still tasted lovely.


  1. Ruth this looks so good!!


  2. This looks delicious Ruth :-)

    Dell xo

  3. It's just dripping with chocolate!

  4. O Ruth...what an absolute darling you are . *Blush*, would have never imagined a blog post title with my name on it!!! Looks good dripping all that yummy chocolate! Thanks for SO MUCH mention...Hugs to you girl!!

  5. Thanks Maria!

    It sure was Dell!

    I love dripping chocolate, I'm sure you do too That Girl!

    Hi Deeba, you're welcome for all the mention! Well deserved for being a great cook and blogger!

    Thanks Deborah!

  6. great round up and all dishes looks yummy! loved ur concept..will try to participate asap..

  7. I hope you can take part sometime Sangeeth!


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