Monday, 10 November 2008

Bookmarked Recipes 28 - at last!!!!!

Let me start off this post by saying a huge sorry for the delay in this round up. Apple held onto my computer a little longer than expected and in the end weren't able to fix the casing, so instead they have given me a brand new MacBook to make up for the problems I had with the iBook. So I'm in the middle of getting everything set up on it now and should soon be back to regular blogging.

For now though here is the long overdue Bookmarked Recipes round up....

Ning starts off our round up with Chicken Tinola in Watermelon Soup using a recipe from Yummy Magazine June 2008.

Bunny and Carol from Bunny's Warm Oven are new to the round up and have sent in Banana Praline Muffins from Seven Hearths Bed and Breakfast.

Happy Cook has made Creamy Rajma from Moonsoon Spice

Jeanne in London from>Cooksister has recreated Chocolate Blackberry and Almond Torte from Elra's Baking.

Pam made New York Strip with Horseradish Mustard Sauce using a recipe from Sara Foster's - Fresh Every Day.

Teresa from I'm Running to Eat! sent in creamy onion soup and got the recipe from Dutch Girl Cooking

Elizabeth has made Chura: flattened rice with peas and peanuts inspired by a recipe for poha in "Monsoon Diary: A Memoir with Recipes" by Shoba Narayan.

Jin Hooihas been busy making Cheesecake Thumbprints from Culinary in the Country

Christine from Kits Chow has made some Rogan Josh using a recipe from a London blog called Route 79.

Dell made a Penne Carbonara using a recipe from

Holler has recreated Jules the Domestic Goddess in Training's Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Amanda has sent in Cherry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake from the Taste of Home Cookbook.

Michelle in Colorado Springs recreated Apple Pie Jam from the Columbus Foodie.

Gloria made tangerinas mousse from Paula Cocina.

Vicki from A Work in Progress joins in with Gingersnaps from Erin Cooks.

Maggie from Dog Hill Kitchen has sent in Minty Mummies and their Skeleton Friends using a chocolate cut out cookie from the blog Baking Bites.

Vandana Rajesh is new to the round up from Cooking Up Something Nice and has made apple cake using an recipe.

Anudivya from ...and a little bit more... has sent in Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies bookmarked from Baking with Dynamite

Sarah from What Smells So Good? made buttermilk 'nilla cookies from Recipezaar.

Sharmi from Neivedyam has made some diwali treats from Sailus Food

Psychgrad, one half of the Equal Opportunity Kitchen team has made and submitted Hopie's Apple Walnut Muffins from their adopted blog Hopie's Kitchen

Ben from What's cooking? has sent in Four Cheese Ravioli with Pumpkin Sage Sauce from Buitoni's website

Tami from Tami's Kitchen Table Talk has made an upside down strawberry shortcake from Taste of Home Mom's Best Meals

Thanks everyone for your submissions!!! It's always exciting to see what people have been making and recreating as well as meeting some new bloggers.

Remember if you want to take part here's all you have to do....
1. Pick a recipe from a book/magazine/blog/website/tv show and make it. (Note you can only submit 1 recipe per week)
2. Blog about it
- include where you got the recipe in your blog post (including a link to their website if possible)
- include a link to this post or this blog in your blog post
- include the logo (see above) for Bookmarked Recipes in your blog post
- include a photo of your recreation on your blog post
3. Email bookmarkedrecipes[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the following information:
- Your name and where you're from
- The name of your blog
- The permalink for your entry
- A photo of your entry
- A note of where you got your recipe from


  1. I am glad you got a new pc Ruth. That must have been so frustrating!

    Nice line-up! I am drool;ing over that strawberry shortcake :P

  2. Wow - that is a record for Bookmarked Recipes submission.

    Glad that you're back up and running with the computer. I'm thinking about buying my first Mac in the next little while. It'll be a bit of a learning curve, but I'll definitely use the photo and film functions.

    Great recipes!

  3. great round-up! I just found some new recipes to bookmark for myself!

  4. as always a fabulous round up , Ruth! it all looks very tempting. nice to have you back. :-)

  5. It's back! I love this event because good recipes and food are meant to be shared :D
    Am taking part the next one.

  6. So glad that your computer is working again!

    And what a round up, Ruth. Well done! (I REALLY shouldn't be reading this just before dinner. I'm drooling all over the keyboard.)


  7. Thanks for the lovely roundup Ruth! so many nice recipes to enjoy:)
    Btw congrats on your new PC.


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