Monday, 15 December 2008

Bookmarked Recipes 33

Last week I announced that Bookmarked Recipes was coming to an end, but I got emails and comments asking if people could take it over. I was touched that bookmarked recipes has meant something to people - I had only started this to keep myself trying new recipes!

I've rethought stopping the event and decided to keep it on, but I'm looking for people to help with hosting. I'll host occasionally but I'll mostly be sorting out who's hosting each week - Dell has kindly agreed to help me with coordinating hosts for each week (thank you Dell!) however would love to make this more of a community event by involving the people who have been taking part more by having them host when they can.

If you're interested in hosting for a week, send me an email at bookmarkedrecipes [AT] and let me know which date you would like to host.

I'm also setting up a new blog just for the round ups - it's not live yet, but will be in the new year.

So keep on recreating bookmarked recipes and sending them in for the round up every Monday

It's time for this week's Bookmarked Recipes round up....

Gloria made Appleauce Raisin Cake from recipe on Dlife

Tigerfish made Jamie Oliver's Baked Snapper Fillet

Tara sent in a great Christmassy Turkey, Leek & Cranberry Pie from Issue 12 of Donna Hay Magazine

Dell has made Easy Fried Rice from Fresh Living magazine.

Finally I've made Chicken and Pea Casserole from a recipe on Market Kitchen

Thanks everyone for your submissions!!! It's always exciting to see what people have been making and recreating as well as meeting some new bloggers.

Remember if you want to take part here's all you have to do....
1. Pick a recipe from a book/magazine/blog/website/tv show and make it. (Note you can only submit 1 recipe per week)
2. Blog about it
- include where you got the recipe in your blog post (including a link to their website if possible)
- include a link to this post or this blog in your blog post
- include the logo (see above) for Bookmarked Recipes in your blog post
- include a photo of your recreation on your blog post
3. Email bookmarkedrecipes[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the following information:
- Your name and where you're from
- The name of your blog
- The permalink for your entry
- A photo of your entry
- A note of where you got your recipe from

Also if you want to host don't forget to email saying which week you would like to host.


  1. I amp so happy to hear that the event is going on.
    I will host them also once a while.
    Will mail you for that.

  2. Glad to hear the revival of the event!

  3. I'm happy to hear you will be continuing this great event in the new year afterall!

    I'll email you soon to be added to the host list!


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