Thursday, 27 December 2007

Rob's Christmas turkey

My hubby isn't that keen on cooking, unless it's BBQ or steak, however he decided to take charge of the turkey for Christmas, and I'm hoping it's a tradition that continues!

I thought I'd tell what all he did to the turkey and show the results.

The night before (but it can be done just before putting the turkey in the oven) he mixed herbs (sage and parsley) into some butter and softened it. Separated the skin from the meat on the breast and spread the butter underneath. Rubbed some oil all over the skin of the bird then a little more of the butter mix. Covered the breast in strips of bacon and wrapped the legs and wings in foil.

We peeled and quartered some white and red onions, smashed some root ginger with a knife and placed it all in the bottom of the cooking tray (along with the giblets). Set the turkey on top and roasted for 3.5 hrs (it was a 10lb turkey), rested for half hour, then carved. Delicious and simple!

Our first ever turkey!

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