Monday, 19 May 2008

Bookmarked Recipes 5

Here's this week's round up of of Bookmarked Recipes and this week we have some more great recipes from some more great bloggers:

Alison in Arkansas from Someone's in the Kitchen kicks off this week's roundup with Rosemary Caramel Sandwich cookies from a Bon Appetit magazine advertisement. These really do look and sound incredible. I love the idea of the rosemary in the caramel too... sounds yummy!

Jennifer, from Austin Texas, is a newbie to the food blogging world over at Jennifer's Haus. Welcome Jennifer!!!!! Great to have you joining in on Bookmarked Recipes! Jennifer has made some great looking Strawberry Yoghurt Loaf that she'd based on a recipe for Lemon blueberry loaf from Deb's blog - Smitten Kitchen.

Val (aka Bellini Valli) of More than burnt toast from British Columbia in Canada made one of Peter's dishes (from Kalofagas) - Keftedes stuffed with cheese. I'd love to make these, only I'd have to leave out the cheese for my hubby so it kind of defeats the purpose. I'll bet they tasted real good!

Dell from Cooking and the city joins us again all the way from Oz with some cookies based on a recipe found on I really need to work on my cookie recipes.... I've tried several all of which have been nice but nothing to shout about. Great cookies Dell! You've inspired me to try a new recipe now.

Joanna, a Polish blogger living in Belgium from Lost in the Kitchen, is another new food blogger joining the round up. She's made some fabulous Rhubarb, cinnamon and brown sugar muffins based on a recipe from Olive Magazine. I love the sound of these because I love rhubarb and am always on the look out for a new recipe to use it in!

My entry for this week is Crispy sticky chicken with squashed potatoes and tomatoes from Jamie Oliver's book - Jamie at Home. Delicious!!!!

Thanks everyone for your submissions!!! It's always exciting to see what people have been making and recreating!

That's it for this week. Remember if you want to take part here's all you have to do....
1. Pick a recipe from a book/magazine/blog/website/tv show and make it. (Note you can only submit 1 recipe per week)
2. Blog about it
- include where you got the recipe in your blog post (including a link to their website if possible)
- include a link to this post or this blog in your blog post
- include the logo (see above) for Bookmarked Recipes in your blog post
- include a photo of your recreation on your blog post
3. Email bookmarkedrecipes[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the following information:
- Your name and where you're from
- The name of your blog
- The permalink for your entry
- A photo of your entry
- A note of where you got your recipe from

Every Monday I will post a round up of all the entries here on my blog for everyone to see, share and maybe even try for themselves!


  1. what a great round up!! they are definitely a feast for the eyes..btw i love the sound of rosemary in caramel...what a brilliant idea :-)

  2. everything looks delicious! great round up Ruth :-)

  3. Another great roundup Ruth.

  4. Great lineup Ruth...but now I have more bookmarked recipes...wink...wink...

  5. Thanks Dhanggit. The rosemary really does sound great, right?

    It sure does Dell.

    Thanks Giz.

    I'm the same almost every week Val! It ain't reducing my list of recipes to get done lol

  6. A wonderful round up Ruth and everything looks SO good :)

    Sorry not taken part yet, I must get my act into gear asap!

    Rosie x

  7. No worries Rosie, it would be good to have you join in sometime.... mostly because I'm curious to see what you have bookmarked!!!!

  8. I'm working on a post for Bookmarked Recipes 6.

  9. Great stuff Psychgrad... have it added to the list for Monday now.


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