Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tips and awards

A few days ago the topic of the day on the Wikihow How To feed was How to Cook. I'll be sending this to hubby with the hope he may learn a little something from it!

I've been very encouraged recently by some fellow bloggers when they sent some awards my way.

First Neen and Do from Post Collegiate Cooking awarded me with a "Blogging with Purpose" award. I felt so touched at receiving this award because I have been asking myself what is the purpose of my blog.... I started this off to force myself to try some new recipes and learn more about cooking using ingredients instead of jars of sauces and ready meals - to get myself out of my comfort zone. I'm still learning a lot about food and cooking but has my purpose for blogging changed or evolved?? Anyways that's enough rubbish from me about that.
I'm passing this award on to That Girl from "Paved with Good Intentions" because she's a top blogger who always has a great story to read with each recipe. She's such an encouragement to so many other bloggers (myself included) and so it seems right to send a little encouragement right back.

The lovely and sweet Dell from Cooking and the City has shown me some love with the "I love you this much" award. And I want to send it right back to Dell, she's been a great friend to me and a great support and encouragement as she's also made something for every week (except 1) of Bookmarked Recipes! I have no expectation for anyone to get involved as this event was primarily for me to get through a long list of recipes I've been meaning to try but it's great to feel the love when others get involved too.

Miss Bliss at Frolicking Foodie has awarded me with the Arte y Pico award which recognises a blog with creativity, design and interesting material - what a huge compliment!!!!
I'd like to pass this honour on to Mr Orph. He is a great cook and is always pushing his boundaries and trying something new. He is an inpiration in his attitude to food and cooking.

Finally Happy Cook at My Kitchen Treasures gave me a "Rockin Girl Blogger" award.... how cool is that!?!?!?! I love it!
And I love Pixie over at You say Tomato I say Tomato. This is one of my favourite blogs, because Pixie is always trying something new and exciting.... and she's also one of the sweetest people in the world!

Rob's been away yesterday, today and will be home tomorrow night and I was hoping to be making some nice food that I don't get to eat when he's around however yesterday I was out for lunch and stuffed myself so much i couldn't eat dinner and tonight I'm so knackered and tired out I'm not sure i feel up for making something new. I'll be back soon with a new recipe though... I promise!!!


  1. Awww Thanks so much for the award, I like being the cheerleader for everyone else's endeavors. We all need that little voice telling us how awesome we are.

  2. Way to go You!!!! So nice for you to get these awards.

  3. Ruth thank you so much your very sweet & I appreciate it :-)

    Dell xxoo

  4. Thanks Andhra!

    You're welcome That Girl. And what a great cheer leader you are!

    Hi Giz thank you!

    You're welcome Dell.


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