Monday, 18 August 2008

Bookmarked Recipes 18

Let's have a look at what people have been recreating from their own Bookmarked Recipes this week.

Psychgrad from one of my favourite blogs (Equal Opportunity Kitchen) has made some tempting and delicious looking Blueberry Crumble Bars using a recipe from Smitten kitchen.

Pam from Sidewalk Shoes has made some gorgeous and juicy looking Coriander Chicken with roasted eggplant and chili using a Donna Hay recipe.

Tina from Wycked Sweets has been busy making a Pistachio and White Chocolate Buttercream Cake using a recipe from a Bon Appetit magazine from March '92! Doesn't this look fab!

Ning from Heart and Hearth has made Pork in watermelon and tamarind soup for this week's round up based on a recipe from August 2006 edition of Food Magazine. It looks so elegant and tasty!

Arika from My Yummy Life is back with a beautiful tomato paella using a recipe she found on The Wednesday Chef via Tastespotting.

Deeba the Passionate Baker has been busy baking a Honey Castella using Manggy's recipe - looks delicious.

Elizabeth who blogs over on blog from OUR kitchen has sent in a recipe for onion rings using a recipe from Tanna's Recipe. I love onion rings, and these look awesome!

Dhanggit from Dhangit's Kitchen has made some real tasty treats - French Donuts using a recipe from Cuisine Gourmand April 2005 edition.

Dell the star of Cooking and the City is back to the round up (we've missed you!!!) with a yummy looking Apple and Walnut Cake based on a recipe from

This week I've made my first savoury pie in the form of a chicken and bacon pie using a recipe from one of my favourite food magazines (Easy Food and I'm all proud of myself.

Thanks everyone for your submissions!!! It's always exciting to see what people have been making and recreating as well as meeting some new bloggers.

Remember if you want to take part here's all you have to do....
1. Pick a recipe from a book/magazine/blog/website/tv show and make it. (Note you can only submit 1 recipe per week)
2. Blog about it
- include where you got the recipe in your blog post (including a link to their website if possible)
- include a link to this post or this blog in your blog post
- include the logo (see above) for Bookmarked Recipes in your blog post
- include a photo of your recreation on your blog post
3. Email bookmarkedrecipes[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the following information:
- Your name and where you're from
- The name of your blog
- The permalink for your entry
- A photo of your entry
- A note of where you got your recipe from


  1. As I've said before Ruth, I love this bookmarked idea. Great round-up!! xoxoxo Deeba

  2. Has it seriously been 18 weeks? Man the time flies. Great roundup!

  3. Thanks Deeba and thanks for taking part!

    I can't quite believe it either Psychgrad, it's crazy seeing as I'd originally planned to do it for 2 months then see how it was going!

  4. Yes, indeed, I'm with Deeba. This is a terrific idea. Excellent roundup. Thank you for your kind words about our onion rings.


  5. Great round-up Ruth.


  6. Ruth I love this bookmarked Really is nice, I hope to participate to the next, love it!! Good round up!!xxGloria

  7. You're welcome ejm, those onion rings look fab!

    Thanks Maria!

    Looking forward to your entry Gloria


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