Saturday, 23 August 2008

Vanilla Fudge

Rob and I were in a shop recently and while in the queue to pay for our milk and bread Rob spotted fudge among the sweets. We didn't get any but the night before seeing it I had been reading this month's Easy Food Magazine which had a recipe for fudge in it (which I had bookmarked), so it only seemed right to make some seeing as he was eying it up. The vanilla wasn't part of the original recipe but I wanted to add it in

This was so tasty, Rob was so excited when I told him I was making it.

Vanilla Fudge

Makes about 32 pieces


400g tin of condensed milk
150ml milk
450g light brown sugar
115g butter
2 vanilla pods (seeds removed)

1. Grease an 18cm square tin
2. Place all the ingredients in a large non stick saucepan and gently heat until the sugar dissolves.
3. Bring the mixture to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring continuously until it reaches a temperature of 116˚C.
4. Remove from the heat and beat until the mixture is thick and grainy (about 10 minutes). Pour into the tin and leave to cool. Once cool cut into squares


  1. Ive never made fudge. Will have to give this a try

  2. I love fudge! You made it look easy to make. Wow!

  3. How simple that sounds Ruth! The only one I've tried before is Nigella's chocolate pistachio fudge which was great...I'd love to try this one soon!! Thanks for a wonderful post!

  4. That looks terrific - must have a try at it.

  5. Dear Ruth I post a recipe to bookmarked recipe to Mondays but is my first time so I dont know well how I send you, I post the recipe today, I post your name and Blog and the Logo. My blog is and my name is Gloria.Iwill try to mail you. xx

  6. This fudge look absolutely yummy!!!Gloria

  7. Ruth, here is the link of the recipe I bookmarked

    Mellamo Gloria and I from Chile. anything you mail me at

    Many thanks

  8. Beth, you really should!

    Mr Orph, it really was very easy - and VERY tasty.

    Hey Deeba, i love the sound of the chocolate pistachio fudge! I may just give it a go.

    Thanks Trekkie, you really should!!!

    Hey Gloria, I have you recipe for the round up, thank you and thanks for the sweet comment on my fudge.

  9. Ruth your fudge looks yum, I used to make lollies a lot when younger, should do so again :-)

  10. Tooth-achingly beautiful! I was actually thinking about making tablet, which is a similsr recipe. I must phone my dad for the recipe!
    This looks really good, though :)

  11. mmm fudge!! Every year I have a list of fudge to make with my holiday sweets, every year I push it aside, this year I am so going to make it haha...Vanilla sounds amazing and it looks wonderfuL!!

  12. You really should Dell

    Holler, i love tablet! I hope you make it and blog it do I can give it a go too!

    Sweet Designs, you need to make some fudge! It's so good!

  13. Wow!! This does sound delicious. Fudge looks so beautiful, so yummy! I love fudge! Can't wait to see ur posting. Will try it out soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

    my site

  14. Hi Ruth! I have been looking for a
    vanilla fudge recipe for our Christmas cooking exchange and this one caught my eye (the picture pulled me in!). Off to the kitchen to give it a try...will let you know how I fare. Thanks for the blog!
    Vivian (Montreal, Canada)

  15. Made the first two batches and followed your instructions to the letter. M-m-m-m!!! Good stuff; thank you!

    Now I'm looking for a HARD vanilla or butterscotch fudge recipe, like my dad used to make. Do you have anything in your stash?

    Merry Christmas from La Belle Province ;-)


  16. Well...I followed your directions and turned out several batches of this delightful fudge for our Christmas food exchange. Ruth, you are our HERO! Thank you for sharing your recipe; apparently, I have my walking orders for more of the same next year ;-)

    Vivian (Montreal, Canada)

  17. Hey Viv! I'm glad to hear of your success and enjoyment with this recipe! Thanks for giving it a go!

  18. Your rare 'hard fudge' recipe took me back to my girlhood, Ruth. Dad was the fudge-maker in the family and when the spirit moved him, usually on a Friday night, he would cook up a batch. How time DRAGGED as we waited for it to cool. Those were the days before television, so I guess one could call the waiting process 'entertainment'!

    Viv (Montreal, Canada)

  19. Thank You! This recipe worked a treat...i posted a modified version on my blog ( hope that's ok!

  20. @Marcello Glad to hear it! Heading over to check it out now!


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