Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I've been nominated!

Last year I was a finalist for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards and this year I've been nominated again! The longlist this year is a huge one with some incredible blogs included - check them out....

Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments:
Well Done Fillet:
Sour Grapes - An Irish Wine Blog Covering Wine In Ireland, Wine Tasting, Wine Facts And Wine Recommendations:
Italian Foodies:
Food Culture West Cork:
Food And Drink:
Bubble Brothers - Cork Wine Merchants:
Ice Cream Ireland:
The Good Mood Food Blog:
The Daily Spud:
Curious: The Curious Wines Wine Blog:
Messy Chef:
A Food Journey In Korea.:
Olliesplace: Organic Food, Farming, Research, News & Views With Oliver Moore:
Little Bird Eats…:
Messy-chef » Recipes And Reviews:
Robert Francis Wine Review, Wine Newsletter, Free Newsletter, Wedding Wines:
The Other Black Stuff: The Spicendipity Irish Food Blog:
Bibliocook: All About Food:
Lidl Treats - How To Shop And What To Buy In Lidl Ireland:
Eater’s Regret:
Cully And Sully - Super Soups And Pies!:
Vals Kitchen:

You can see the rest of the nominations for each category here


  1. Congragulations, it is a veru good achievment.

  2. Good for you Ruth...thrilling news. I thought I'd go & vote for you but didn't see any poll ongoing. Left a comment anyhow. Best of luck!!

  3. Congratulations Ruth I am SO happy for you! Wishing that this year will be yours for the taking in the competition!

    Rosie x

  4. Yay! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you again this year!

  5. Congratulations Ruth!! Wishing you the best ;o)


  6. Congratulations!!!! How wonderful for you!! I just know you will win!

  7. How great to be nominated as a finalist for the 2008 Irish blog awards, congratulations!

  8. Congrats to you!! I'm in there too - they just missed me out to begin with :)

  9. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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