Monday, 16 March 2009

When Irish eyes are smiling

Tomorrow is the holiday celebrated by everyone else more than the Irish themselves - it is St Paddy's day!

I've had several emails asking about recipes for corned beef and cabbage which honestly I have never had or even seen in real life before! So here are some links to a few of the actual Irish recipes I've made in the past:

Irish Tea Loaf
Irish Apple Cake
Soda bread
Potato bread
Irish Stew

There are loads of other good Irish food blogs to check out for some actual Irish recipes too.

A Plaice for Everything
A Random Walk Down Grub Street
Bandon Farmers’ Market
Beer Revolution
Bubble Brothers
Cafe Paradiso Blog
Cake Creations
Chew on That
Conor’s Bandon Blog
Conor's Bandon Blog
Cork Food
Dine and Wine Club Cork
Dublin Gobbler
Eat Drink Live
Eaters Regret
Eating Out Ireland
Eat Me Drink Me
English Mum
Fairy Cake Heaven
Food and Drink Ireland
Food For Life - Kevin Thornton
Food Lorists
Geeky Pants
Glenisk Organic Dairy
Ice Cream Ireland
iFoods Video Recipes
I Just Love Food
Irish Whiskey Notes
Irish Wine Contemplations
Italian Foodies
Letters on Lunches
Lidl Eats
Little Bird Eats
Martin Dwyer
Messy Chef
Munster Pubs Blog
Ollie’s Place
Organic Yum-Yum
Our Grannie’s Recipes
Peppermint Tea
Pink Whisk
Quirky Kitchen
Robert Francis Wine Blog
Rocking Grass
Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments
Simon Tyrell
Sour Grapes
Stuff Yer Bake
Sunday Lunches
Superyacht Chef
The Daily Spud
The Fruity Cook
The Good Mood Food Blog
The Humble Housewife
The Natural Foods Bakery
Truly Scrumptiousness
Ummera Smoked Products
Val’s Kitchen
Vinca’s in the Kitchen
Well Done Fillet
What the Waiter Knows
Where’s the Salt

This list has been taken from - the spicendipity blog

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

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  1. Thats one neat compilation of Irish blogs Ruth. Thanks,



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