Saturday, 4 April 2009

Post 300! Chocolate puddings

(Photo by Shawn Cunning)

This is my 300th post!!! Isn't that mad? I need to mark the occasion with something special and what better than chocolate right?

This is another recipe from Nigella Express. You know the more I make from this book the more I want to make from it because everything I've made from it has been delicious so far!

I've made these chocolate puddings a few times now and love them more and more each time. The spongy chocolate, the gooey chocolate sauce and then the honeycomb on top to finish it off - perfect!

"Glitzy" Chocolate Puddings
Source: Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson, p221
Serves 8


100g dark chocolate (70%) (I used 50%)
100g soft unsalted butter
200g sugar
4 large eggs
50g plain flour
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
150g dark chocolate (70%) (Again I used 50%)
45g unsalted butter
2 "Crunchie" chocolate bars or honeycomb broken up into crumbs

1. Preheat oven to 180˚C.
2. Break up 100g chocolate and place in a bowl with the 100g butter. Melt together either in a microwave or double boiler. Once melted, leave to cool a little.
3. In a separate bowl, beat together the eggs and sugar until thick, moussy and pale. Then fold in the flour, soda and salt.
4. Gently fold in the slightly cooled chocolate, then divide the mix between 8 ramekins. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes.
5. Prepare the glaze by melting to chocolate and butter together and whisk to make a glossy mixture for spooning over the puddings, then top them with some crunchie.


  1. Express is a great book isn't it. These look lovely.
    Congratulations on your 300th post. Wow.

  2. Congrats Ruth. I have Express but haven't made these gorgeous looking puddings yet, must try them soon!


  3. Huge congrats Ruth on your 300th post!1 Do you know I have N.E. and haven't tried these puds yet. Boy they look stunning Ruth -well done!!

    Rosie x

  4. It's a fab book, thank you RG

    Hope you try them sometime soon Rosie & Maria. Thank you!

  5. Oh they sound yummie. I can see myself and everyone else in the house sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to tuck in! After the comments on N.E book I must see if its in the library.

    Great blog ... am off to read more of your chocolate posts :-)


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