Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Loads a meat!!!!!

My darling dearest husband got excited recently when a friend in his work said he knew a butcher who sells mince beef in big bags for £10 and decided to get himself a bag.

Meaning the following day I spent some time spliting it into different weights for freezing to use at a later date.

But this wasn't all of it, I cooked some at the same time and made some cottage pie at the same time (with a few edits to the recipe described in that link. Gravy was used instead of cottage pie sauce mix, 2 tbsp of cumin was added to the gravy before it was mixed with the mince, and a few handfuls of crushed salted crisps - aka chips in the USA - spread on the top)

The end result was very very tasty! The cumin gave it a nice kick.

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