Wednesday, 20 February 2008

An excellent award

Dear sweet lovely Rosie from rosie Bakes a Peace of Cake has given me a wee award! The "Excellent Award": I feel so privileged and humbled.

So the five people I'm awarding this to are:
Dell from Cooking and the City who has been blogging what she's been cooking for just three months but already has loads of great recipes posted! I always feel inspired when I read her recipes and always look forward to reading her next post.

Jeena at Jeena's kitchen who works very hard at her blog. She has some truly incredible recipes which I've tried before and loved. A lot of work goes in to this blog as she has photos for each stage of the recipes she blogs about. And they're all her own recipes! If that's not excellent I don't know what is!

Maryann in Finding La Dolce Vita is an incredible food blog and not only teaches great Italian recipes, it also teaches a lot about Italian culture and traditions. I love this blog and just wish my hubby liked Italian food more so I could make some of these!

Kate at Paved with Good Intentions writes a fascinating blog, not only about cooking but the events that happen around cooking and more. I love this girl! She has some fantastic recipes here that leave me feeling hungry just looking at the photos.

Elly in Elly says Opa! is yet another fantastic cook with more photos that leave me drooling. She's such an inspiration and does really incredible things with food.


  1. Thank you very much, Ruth, That's so sweet of you. I appreciate it very much.

  2. You're welcome Maryann, it's well deserved.

  3. Ruth thank you so much, I am so happy & really appreciate your kindness. when I read your comment on my blog that you'd given me an award I couldn't believe it, especially when I looked for the comment again & found it lost (don't know what happened there!) . I looked at your blog & found it was true. once again, many thanks, sweetie :-)

    Dell xo

  4. You're very welcome Dell! It's very well deserved.

  5. So I read this last night when I was drunk and totally didn't get it. Now that I'm sober I'm completely touched!

  6. Hi Ruth, congrats once again on your award and so very well deserved! Pleased to hear you have passed it on to other great bloggers! :D

    Rosie x

  7. Hey kate, that's so funny! But you really deserve it! Congrats

    Thanks Rosie for awarding me to begin with, and it's only right to pass along some encouragement

  8. Thank you so much Ruthe it is so sweet of you to say those lovely things and give me this award. :-)

  9. Well it's true and you really do deserve it Jeena. You're a legend!


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