Saturday, 6 September 2008

Crash Hot Potatoes

On last week's bookmarked recipe round up Teresa from I'm running to eat submitted crash hot potatoes which I couldn't help but make straight away.

They were simple and delicious. Great texture to them too. I'll be making these again.

I added a sprinkling of paprika to my verison but pretty much stayed with the Pioneer Woman's original recipe

Crash Hot Potatoes


Baby potatoes
Olive Oil

1. Boil the potatoes for about 15-20 mins
2. Oil an oven tray and spread potatoes on top.
3. Crush each potato slightly with a masher.
4. Drizzle a little more oil over the top of the tatties.
5. Sprinkle on salt, pepper, paprika and thyme
6. Roast in the oven at about 180˚C for 25-30 mins.


  1. Glad you liked them! We loved them. In fact I've had several requests to hurry up and make them again. :-)

  2. Teresa they're fantastic, we'll definitely be made more often here too!

    Thanks Dell... You should give them a go.

  3. Oh these look so good Ruth!!

    Rosie x


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